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Hearing Health Care Services

       Who We Are:

Nova Hearing Centers is an independent hearing aid and hearing protection retailer with its flagship office located in Virginia Beach, VA, near Virginia Beach Towne Center. Nova is contracted with two of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world: Signia and Oticon, which allows patients to find providers familiar with our products across the country and throughout the world. Our specialists are licensed in Virginia and North Carolina, allowing us to service individuals across the state line. 

Nova's goal is to provide a option for individuals who need a premium hearing solution, but cannot pay the standard markup offered by most "big box" retailers of hearing aids. Many hearing centers throughout Hampton Roads and Northeast NC have to significantly markup their hearing devices to pay for franchise fees, provider networks, corporate overhead and more. Nova has slashed the expenses of the big box retailers and instead offer local solutions with local people, making your solution more affordable!

       Nova Hearing Centers also provides FREE service on Signia and Oticon products:

​               - Exterior cleaning of ITE and BTE shells.

               - Removal of earwax from sound bore/ microphone.

               - Cleaning the underside of shells for BTEs (where possible).

               - Troubleshoot of chargers/ remote controls/ smartphone apps.

               - Replacement of wax traps or wax springs.

               - Replacement of domes for BTEs.

               - Re-tubing of custom earmolds.

       Nova Hearing Centers work with insurance carriers! We participate with:

               - Aetna

               - Allegiance Benefit Plan

               - Anthem Healthkeepers

               - Blue Cross Blue Shield Commonwealth of Virginia

               - Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees' Plan

               - Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicaid CCC

               - Cigna HMO

               - Cigna National Mail Carrier's

               - Humana

               - Magellan Complete Care of Virginia

Hearing Conservation Project

       The Problem with Today's Hearing Protection:

The ear protection market is dominated by disposable foam ear plugs, dome tipped ear plugs, and earmuffs. These products are not only uncomfortable and can cause tissue damage, but the majority of them need to be disposed of after one or two uses. Certain hearing protection products in recent years have come under scrutiny for not attenuating sound as is reflected in marketing. One popular example is the current class-action lawsuit against 3M for military personnel issued the dual-sided combat earplugs, which did not appropriate attenuate sound as marketed to the military, and has resulted in many veterans becoming partially or completely deafened by combat.


       Our Solution:

Nova manufactures custom fit ear protection and in the ear audio devices. Our products provide superior comfort and the highest quality sound audio drivers on the market, while offering total occlusion and protection from damaging outside sounds. Our next generation wireless technology, state of the art integrated power matrix, premium high fidelity balanced armatures and uniquely formulated polymer materials consistently outperform and outlast all our competitors. Nova products are permanent, cost efficient, and multi-functional with the ability to provide noise cancellation and speech isolation.

       Our Advantages:

We use a soft mold polymer material that is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, that custom molds to the individuals ear while maintaining a permanent form and softness. This allows consumers to reuse a custom molded plug that does not apply any internal pressure to the ear canal. This makes our products much more comfortable, reusable, and eliminates soreness that many experience from use of other products. This is all accomplished while providing full occlusion of the ear canal resulting in much higher noise attenuation levels.

Our research and development team utilizes in-the-field testing and measurements of sound exposure to develop custom hearing protection solutions for industries while reducing corporate bottom line expense on disposable hearing protection and OSHA compliance liability. Our services are performed by our hearing conservation department professionals and are free of cost. Nova prides itself on exceptional customer service and product satisfaction.

Our permanent, high quality products are guaranteed to be long lasting and maintain efficacy with repeated use . We maintain close contact with our consumer bases to ensure satisfaction and aid in coordinating HCP for corporations that reduce expenditure, waste, and eliminates manufacturers needs for reordering product and warehousing expenditures.